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Investing in a Comprehensive Furnace Clean and Check is about more than just immediate savings—it's a commitment to the long-term health, efficiency, and reliability of your home's heating system. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your furnace operates at peak efficiency, reducing monthly energy bills, but it also extends the lifespan of the unit, saving homeowners from costly replacements down the road. With each check, potential issues are identified and addressed early on, preventing minor problems from escalating into major repairs. This thorough service guarantees a warmer, safer, and more comfortable living environment, ensuring that the heart of your home's heating system remains strong, especially during those cold winter months. Remember, a well-maintained furnace is an investment in the comfort, safety, and financial well-being of your home.


* Test system at the thermostat and check the condition of batteries.

* Ensure the furnace is running upon arrival.

* Inspect the condition of the heat exchanger.

* Check the exhaust/intake piping for blockages or damage.

* Examine the exhaust motor and its capacitor for functionality.

* Test the pressure switch and inspect its tubing for any wear.

* Check the gas valve and ensure correct gas pressure.

* Inspect the condition and functioning of burner(s).

* Verify the condition and responsiveness of the flame sensor.

* Examine the ignitor or pilot assembly for any damages.

* Ensure the condensate trap and its tubing are clear and functioning properly.

* Test the safety limit switches for proper operation.

* Inspect wire connections and insulation for any damage or wear.

* Examine the control board for any signs of malfunction or damage.

* Check the blower wheel, its assembly, and the blower motor and capacitor for optimal performance.

* Inspect the air filter or air cleaner for cleanliness and efficiency.

* Examine the humidifier for proper operation and cleanliness.

* Test the functionality and efficacy of the UltraViolet Air Purifier.

* Check the condition of the ducts and ensure they are free from blockages or damage.

* Provide a full report to the client detailing all checks and their outcomes.

Any potential recommendations for preventative repair or additional services will be quoted with no obligation to proceed.

Deal Restrictions

  • Denomination: $149.00
  • Cash/Credit back for unused portion? NO
  • Use more than one deal voucher per visit? NO
  • Face value of deal voucher must be used at time of visit.
  • No cash value.
  • Tax and gratuity not included
  • Must present printed voucher at the time of service.
  • Limit one per person per household.

What we’re all about.
Our passion is using our knowledge and skills, to provide useful information and advice to our clients, with the goal of increasing their energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort.

We believe that every person has the right to live in a safe, healthy, and comfortable home. 

We’re tired of seeing people pay more than they should because of sales commissions, overhead costs, and improperly installed/maintained equipment.

A technician since 2007, Randy Dallaire, got tired of constantly being taught “sales processes” and other creative new ways to get people to buy things from the companies he worked for. He bought the website fixmyheat.com in 2010 with the intent of creating a place where homeowners could go to learn how to take care of basic diagnostics and repairs themselves.

Over time this desire became closer to reality as Randy launched the FixMyHeat brand on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, while he studied for and obtained his Michigan mechanical licenses for Boilers, HVAC Equipment,  Heating Service, and Cooling Service.

Now we serve Davison, Lapeer, Goodrich, Oxford, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Waterford, and the surrounding areas with high-quality and affordable services.

Core Values:

Making a difference / Teaching / Humility / Self improvement / Lifting up others

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